Virtue for School



No matter what size your class is, we can help you Simply Inspire Character.  

All our products teach the same 12 virtues, just in different ways.

  • If you teach Preschool or Elementary, we recommend the Teacher's Virtue Cards or the Classroom Kit for Kids.  
  • If you teach Jr High or HIgh-School, we recommend the Youth Virtue Cards, or the Classroom Kit for Youth. 

We Choose Virtues is a creative, intuitive and relational way to integrate character skills training into real life. 

With We Choose Virtues, teachers can focus on clarifying expectations through a simple, precise language and personal questions, sparking conversation and growth...and kids seem to love the process! 

Once a child learns to read, they can study anything that interests them, Character skills, however, cannot be learned simply by study. They must be taught personally by patient explanation, observation, correction, encouragement, and creating opportunities that stretch the character, followed by meaningful conversation...and led buy example.

Is it worth the effort? Yes! Once gained, character traits such as honesty, diligence, self-control, kindness, and perseverance will produce positive change in a child's behavior and self-worth. In the long term, it will drastically improve their relationships and work ethic giving them the ability to achieve their greatest dreams and callings in life.

The best time to start is NOW. We Choose Virtues is the simple plan you need.  

Be the parent or teacher you always wanted to be. With We Choose Virtues you can. Simply Inspire Character that Lasts.