Virtue for Family

We Choose Virtues can help you be the parent or grandparent you always wanted to be. Start simply inspiring character that!  

All our products teach the same 12 virtues, just in different ways.

  • If you have children ages 3-10, the most helpful item you can purchase from this category is the Parenting Card set. If you want to bundle the items we recommend, The Family Kit for Kids (Pictured here) is a great choice. It contains the Parenting Cards, Flash Cards, two posters and lots of printables. We have listed some other items that you might want to use as supplements. 
  • If you have children ages 11-16, take a look at our Youth Virtue Cards, and the Youth Virtue Poster, or choose just one of them. 

Our goal is to make parenting easier. YOU really can successfully raise kids with excellent character, and have lots of fun doing it! Let us guide you.