Teaching Cards

We Choose Virtues is for public school teachers looking for behavior support and classroom management AND parents looking for curriculum to teach family values. 

To get started, choose from these four sets of cards. 
    • The Parenting Cards for any home application (8.5x5.5 inches)
    • The Teacher's Virtue Cards for classroom applications. (8.5x11 inches)
    • The Youth Virtue Cards for Family applications ((8.5x11 inches)
    • The Youth Virtue Cards for Family applications ((8.5x11 inches)

      The first two sets are for Kids age 3-11 and use the same teaching methods, but utilize items and scenarios you would either find in a home/homeschool or a classroom space. 

       We do recommend the Parenting Cards over the Teacher Cards when using this program in your home because the teachable moments section offers suggested activities geared specifically for a home setting versus a classroom-only setting.



      The second two sets of cards are for youth ages 12-18 and can be used in any setting. and we offer two different licenses for use in home or classroom. 



      On the back of each card you will find these elements:

      Virtue User Challenge 

      This gives the you a simple and practical activity for everyone to practice. It stimulates focus on the Virtue and promotes character growth individually and as a class or family. 

        Virtue Kid/Virtue People Story

        This is a short story about the character pictured on the front of the card. It is only one example of how your kids or students can put Virtue into action in their everyday lives. 

          Fun Demonstrations/Teachable Moments/Questions

          These simple activities STRETCH your kids' or student's capability to use this Virtue. They can be used in any setting with things you already have handy, requiring almost no preparation, but packing a huge amount of opportunity for change. Use them again and again. Virtue has to be practiced to be internalized.