Sing-Along Album (PreK-4th Grade)


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This CD features 13 piggy-back songs, one for each Virtue with a bonus "3-Rules" song. Your kids will love the many delightful musical genres including jazz, blue-grass, techno, and rock-n-roll with original We Choose Virtues lyrics. They will love singing along with the adorable Kids of VirtueVille. 

Plus, your kids will get to listen to Heather McMillan say the Virtue catchphrases before each song!


  • 13 songs. Download it instantly as an MP3 file on your favorite device (physical CD not available at this time)
  • "Kids of VirtueVille Now in Concert" Poster. Download and print this 11x17 full color poster (PDF)
  • Virtue Kids Sing-Along Lyrics and Coloring Sheets. Download and print (PDF)

Bulk Rate/Teacher Coupon:

You can purchase multiple downloads of the MP3 file. Just select the number of downloads you wish to purchase at our bulk rate. 

Delivery Method: 

If you choose the PHYSICAL CD, it will be mailed to you. If you choose the MP3 version, it will come instantly to your email in a DOWNLOAD BUTTON. If you want to move the music from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, first download the file we send, and open the zip file on your computer then follow this tutorial.  Otherwise, you can purchase the songs on iTunes here

Age Appropriate: 

This tool was designed for any age to sing together...but mostly for preschool-2nd grade.  These songs are appropriate for public schools.

Protections and Permissions:

This recording and artwork are protected by copyright law. Using internet services to distribute copyrighted music, giving away illegal copies of discs or lending discs to copy is illegal and does not support those involved in making this piece of music.

Permission is granted by the producer to perform the songs on this album, and video/audio record your performances, but please do not sell the recordings.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Very Special Thanks... 

to these amazing friends who supported our Virtue Kid’s Sing-Along album! Your contribution is going to make a lasting impact on children EVERYWHERE!

Pam Barnhill, Bryce & Alicia Buckland, Jhauvon Harrison, Cebron Hansen, LeeAnn Rawlins, Jentzen Dunn, Lizzy Arcarese, Griffin Dunn, Eralina Kopets, Caleb McMillan, Sean Leach, Grace Smith, Christian Smith, Bella Smith, and Derek Earl, Peter & Debra Spencer, Mariah Petewon, McClatchey, Jana Crizon, Heidi Jones, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Bridgette Teel, Rhonda Nelson, Heidi Strawser, Nadine Harvey, Lisa Hutchins, Kristie Shetler, Amanda White, Kuniko Shira, Joeanne Hooker, Karen Fong, Sharaya & James D'Anna, Sandra Cherrie, Kelly Fenley, Kelly and Lori King, Wendy Plueard, Karlyne Agoff, Colleen Silveira, Rachel Taranto, Megan Rosenstock, Kelly Carlson, Rachel Olson, Uaealesi Toelupe, Monte Kropf, Tina Bucher, Pam Jarvis, Stephanie Ostrander, Jonathan & Kirstie Sheehy, Jenifer Medina, Art & Gerri West, Jean Thomason, mghcowgirl, Marra Watson, Carol McDowell, Martin & Lisa Woodlee, Steve & Maureen Dorman, Jumping for JOY! Preschool, Brian Myers Jr, Heather Coday, Tracy Lund, Cathy Glazier, Jim & Tinker Flom, Cathy D'Anna, Kim Bhonstein. THANK YOU!

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