How to Simply Inspire Character

How to Simply Inspire Character with We Choose Virtues

in your home or classroom

STEP 1: Introduce (and Review) through Explanation and Memorization

Goal for Step 1: Make your family or class familiar with the language of Virtue so everyone has a clear understanding. This is a new way of responding as individuals and relating together as a family or class so it is important that everyone understands the precise definition of what each Virtue is, and what it is not.

Time Needed for Step 1: Approximately 10 minutes per day, any consistent time of day you choose, preferably 5 days per week.

STEP 2: Inspire through Conversation and Demonstration

Goal for Step 2: Help your kids want to use Virtue in their every-day life, and have confidence that they can. We are transitioning Virtue from something they know ABOUT to something they know how and when to DO

Time Needed for Step 2: Approximately 15 minutes per day, any consistent time of day you choose, preferably 5 days per week.

STEP 3: Internalize through Personal Application

Goal for Step 3: Step 3 is all about focusing on a single Virtue. This step helps each individual mature in their character so it becomes part of who they are as a person. Growth is attained as you apply pressure through both encouragement (positive pressure) and correction (negative pressure). Sometimes it takes both pushing and pulling to get us moving in the right direction! It also takes a certain measure of consistency over time.

Time Needed for Step 3: All throughout the days and weeks as life goes on. Any investment of time that you make is well rewarded!


As you can see, We Choose Virtues isn't like other homeschool materials when it comes to helping kids focus and and teaching family virtues. It's a resource that can ensure that kids are thinking about the actions they make and how each one affects their lives. So whether you're looking for a way of teaching virtues to accompany your homeschool supplies, Christian curriculum, or public preschool, We Choose Virtues is there for you!