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Good character belongs to EVERY CHILD!
We could talk all day about how We Choose Virtues helps instill societal and family virtues in kids. But we'd rather let our customers tell you how it has helped them, whether they used it as part of a homeschool lesson plan, Christian homeschool program, Sunday school lesson, or in a public school preschool. 
Enjoy these endorsements from some of our RAVING FANS! 
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"Teachers appreciate how We Choose Virtues fits seamlessly into their classroom management by providing an integrated common language that gives students a clear understanding of behavior expectations." 
Don Mayer, Principal, Bethel Christian School, Redding, CA
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"THANK YOU SO MUCH for your tools! They are adorable, fantastic and just what we were looking for! I've been through a sordid many "so-so" character "curriculum's", helps, and books through the years and this is THE BEST so far...we love the visuals, the scripture, the songs - everything is just great! Thank you so much for all your work that went into this."
The McMurray Family
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"When I first found out about the We Choose Virtues line of products, I was hooked almost immediately! The adorable graphics, the selection of virtues, and even the option to be religiously based (with scripture) or secular (without scripture). They are a great quality! The thick cardstock and bright graphics are appealing, not only to me, but to L as well. We are using the teacher cards as a part of our morning board routine each day.
We will have one Virtue as our main ‘virtue of the month’ (starting with the top virtue on the poster and working our way down). I have the virtue poster up on the wall in the school room as a reminder that we are working towards EACH of the virtues and to always be mindful of all of them. Not only is L learning about being more aware of himself, but SO AM I! I have a feeling the poster will be up for quite a long time! :)"(Gabby uses the NEW Teacher Cards for Families and the Kids Virtue Poster
 Gabby, Homeschool mom
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"From one mom to another, this curriculum is fantastic.  Heather poured her heart into creating an all encompassing curriculum, from the color backgrounds and hidden pictures to how to implement it into your teaching and family life.  She gives real life examples and her genuineness shines through.   It is so thoughtful and well put together, I just can't say enough good things about it." (Jasmine uses the Homeschool Kit and Teacher Cards)
Jasmine Strause, Homeschool mom and AWANA leader
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"Each year there are thousands of books and curriculum to hit the market. Many of these materials are short lived and replaced by the next batch of new ideas. Rarely does a product hit the market that has the quality to remain as a front-runner over a lengthy period. I believe that We Choose Virtues is that product.
It is refreshing to see a material that focuses on teaching children the most important foundation essentials in a way that is both fun, yet impacting. If you are considering a curriculum for your children's ministry, look no further, We Choose Virtues is your best choice by far." (Marc reviewed the Kids Church Kit)  
Pastor Marc Estes, Senior Pastor, City Bible Church, Portland, Oregon
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"We Choose Virtues is a fun way to teach your kids godly values. We need to do more than complain about the values that are being taught in the schools and in the public media, we need to take responsibility to teach godly values to our children and those that we have in our sphere of influence.
The secular world has learned that using cartoons and animated figures to teach is a way to reach kids in an entertaining way. We Choose Virtues puts tools in your hands to impart life giving principles to this generation. I couldn't recommend this material more highly as not only biblically sound but amazingly creative. Now it is your turn to 'Choose Virtues.'"  
Pastor Bill Scheidler, Founder of Church Leadership Resources, Johannesburg, South Africa
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"I went through the Youth Journal pretty thoroughly. I love it! One of the things that I loved about it, was not only does it help the one being mentored, but what great training for the one who is the mentor.   WOW! Great job. I wouldn't change a thing." (Kenny reviewed the NEW Mentoring tools for youth)
Kenny Smith, Youth Counselor, Azalea, Oregon
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“The ultimate goal is for us all to put these virtues into practice, and this poster motivates us to do that in a tangible way. As a family (or a class if you’re using it that way), you work toward turning all of the caterpillars into butterflies.” 
Jenny, Mommy blogger 
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"Thank you Heather, for giving us Virtues! My little granddaughter, Ava loves them. In fact her Dad says she is obcessed with them! Love it!" (Dorothy's little Ava uses the Virtue Flash Cards)
Dorothy, Grandma
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"This is very needed and there is nothing like it out there. Nice Job." (Jess reviewed the NEW Mentoring tools for youth)
Jess Flower, Youth Pastor, Sacramento, CA
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"I looked through the materials you recently sent me this morning.  I think they're terrific.  Good messages, well articulated, creatively expressed, and professional copy.  High quality in every way! If you'd like an endorsement I'll be happy to provide one."   (Dr Urban reviewed the Classroom Kit)
Dr Hal Urban
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"This system changes lives!  I have used it successfully for many years in counseling children. When unable to facilitate change in a child's behavior, I would teach and practice this system with them and ask the parents to implement it in their home.  Rapid changes occurred where there had been hopelessness and lack of breakthrough before.
I use in my own family as well as in the lives of hurting foster children we've brought into our home.  It not only causes change, it brings hope, builds connection between family members, builds self esteem, and is a lot of fun to do together!  I highly recommend it!" (Rachel uses the Kids Virtue Poster in her counseling office)
Rachel Cudmore, MA, LPC, MFT, CPT
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"The kits are very teacher friendly and easy to use.  The content is clever, accurate and right on track with our philosophy.  I would suggest reviewing it for the entire school..." (Principal O'Connor uses the Classroom Deluxe Kit as part of her pro-social behavior program)
Carol O'Connor, Principal, Harrisburg Elementary School
"I have used We Choose Virtues materials in my classroom for several years now and the benefits have been AMAZING!  “Character training” is an important part of the Montessori curriculum and the We Choose Virtues cards makes this so easy!  It is not uncommon to hear any one of my 3 – 6 yr. olds to say things like, “I was diligent and I persevered – it wasn’t easy, but I did it!”, beaming with pride after completing a difficult task, or begin to understand and practice deep concepts like “forgiveness”.  There are lessons on the back of the cards that are practical and effective and easy to implement.  The students enjoy the character and story on each card, as it gives each “virtue” a practical meaning the kids can relate to. We Choose Virtues has a variety of tools which have been helpful and effective in shaping good character in the lives of not just the students, but the parents and teachers, as well!"
Jennifer McConnell, Director and Head Teacher, Children's Choice Montessori, Eugene, OR
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"We've been using your curriculum for over a month. We teach each character attribute for two Sundays.  The kids love the curriculum and can remember all the ones we've covered during the review and quote the phrase. Last week the teacher was teaching on forgiveness. She had the children draw a picture of something that happened that caused them to have bad feelings about someone. They prayed and forgave them and threw the paper away and said out loud, "I forgive them."
One little boy came up to the teacher and said that he had been talking this past week to his mom about forgiving some boys at school who had been teasing him because he was having a hard time doing that. He said 'today I know that I really forgave them, and I feel so much better.'  Thought I would share that with you." (Jan uses the Kids Church Kit)
Jan Hernandez, Pastor, Gresham Christian Fellowship, Gresham Oregon
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"The Virtues have helped our family because they are a great reminder and we usually start calming down and getting ourselves in check. They are a great base that our family always tries to live by and remember." (Anneleisa and her family have the The Kids Virtues Poster on their fridge)
Anneleisa Coen, age 14
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"First let me say, that I absolutely love the 'We Love Virtues' concept! I'm looking forward to implementing them with my children this summer! =) Another Homeschool momma passed them on to me (probably understanding my need for them with 3 adopted little boys).
2 of my children have Sensory Processing Disorders and they require lots of visual and 'hands on' input for concepts to be understood. I think your Virtues will really be beneficial to us! God Bless!"
Erika Meredith, Homeschool mom
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"We Choose Virtues is simply amazing!! Not only does it teach children the core attributes of character, but it teaches them in a way that is understandable and applicable to their daily life at school and at home
We Choose Virtues is an easy laid out plan for any teacher to start using.  It has made a difference in my classroom and I know it will in yours too. We Choose Virtues is a must-have!" (Heather teaches with the Classroom Kit)
Heather Coday, Kindergarten Teacher, Florida
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"Simple words and phrases that help me communicate what I already teach every day...and  I love the Kids of VirtueVille! They just make me smile! I have been using WCV in my preschool for several years now. I love the "big words" that go with each friend. The kids eagerly meet each friend and are excited to learn the big word that goes with them. It has given us all words to use in every situation. We look for ways to tie a WCV to other books we are reading and classwork. WCV has become a part of our preschool daily life."
Darbe Elmblade, Owner/Teacher, Jumping for Joy Preschool
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"The posters came yesterday; teaching tools came today! I am so excited I am nearly beside myself! Really, wow! Everything about this is fabulous! The design is so gorgeous and rich and vibrant and engaging, but it's just the icing on the cake!
The content here is so well thought out and words so carefully chosen; I am really awed! There are so many ways a person can contribute to the Kingdom of God while here on earth (family, ministry, etc.); thank you for choosing this. Really. You could have said no, and invested elsewhere, and I can imagine that that would have been easier in a lot of ways. But thank you for saying yes.
Your heart and soul show here, that you have a love for the lives of all God's children, and it is so, so amazing! What a powerful tool! Thank you so much! I can't wait to get started with our guys! And I saw where the kit was going to be on sale again in August! Glad I bought now so I can inspire all my friends to buy next month! Thanks again, Heather! ♥" 
The Reifsnyders, WCV Facebook fans
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"I was raised Catholic and my husband Lutheran. For our own personal reasons we both pulled away from the church and organized religion and decided that it was best just to live a life where we try to be good people. It has worked for us for the last 14 years. 
Then we got pregnant and had a baby.
We have always planned on raising our children to be good people and introduce Virtues into their life, and that is exactly what we have done. Why? Because we want our daughter to grow into the best person that she is able to be. We want her to stand tall and proud, have morals, and bring good to the world. Isn’t that what every parents hope? I have never met a parent with the goal of raising their kids to be criminals, evil, etc…
I believe the Virtues are an important part of raising our children to the best of our ability. However, sometimes it is different to introduce some of them into daily life and we look for resources to aid us in the process. That is why I was thrilled when given the chance to review the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit. My daughter is only 5 years old and some of the concepts are difficult for her to grasp; however, there are many Virtues that we have been working on already.
As anyone with a toddler knows, we are constantly working on stressing the importance of being obedient. Being kind, helpful, forgiving, honest, and gentle all come to her naturally. She is an old soul reborn. We are working on self-control and attentiveness but this has proven to be a process. Being perseverant and patient may take some time! ;)
We have been using our Virtue Flash Cards a few times a week; as we do not want this to become too overwhelming for her or result in burnout and we reference her Virtue and Rules Poster almost daily. I can’t say enough good things about our We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit. It has even served as a reminder to my husband and I of what is important in life.
If you are interested in introducing your child(ren) to the Virtues, introduce the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit to your home. You won’t regret it."
The Pink Ninja Blogger
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"As parents, we do our best to make sure our kids grow up to be hard-working members of society. We also want them to be well-educated. And successful. And good looking too, if it's not asking too much!
We all have goals for our children and we work to make them come to fruition, but the day in and day out of parenthood is just plain hard work! Am I doing this right? I ask myself that question at least ten times a day! I second guess half of the choices I make. I frequently want to snatch words out of the air right after they leave my mouth. I have lots of great intentions, but the actually follow through always seems lacking.
Please tell me I'm not the only one! In talking with my girlfriends in real life and watching how things play out on Facebook, it seems that none of us have it all figured out and those that seem the most put together are only telling partial truths. We all struggle with different aspects of parenting and we all need support in this journey.
That is why I was so excited to try out this poster and companion materials from We Choose Virtues. I received a poster with twelve virtues listed along with colorful illustrations and kid-friendly verbiage for each virtue. I also received an email with downloadable materials, including a coloring book and a teaching handbook.
Back in March we had tried some character building, but it fizzled for a few reasons. One, it was hard for me to pick out the character traits I wanted to reinforce, while still have the language be at a level all three kids could understand. I didn't have a well thought out plan before I started and that made it hard to keep up with. This set, however, is everything you need to work on virtues with your kids!
There are 12 different virtues each with a cute character, a positive catchphrase and a note or two about behaviors that run contrary to the virtue. I hung the poster in the living room and gave the kids each a picture to color while we talked about virtues. I also told them that I would be on the lookout for virtuous behavior and I would add a marble to the community marble jar for each act that I saw.
Furthermore, I explained that my expectations are different for each of them because of their ages. To me that's always seemed obvious, but my kids need it spelled out! Each time I caught them behaving appropriately, I would call out the virtue and add a marble to the cup. When they've misbehaved, I've pointed them towards the poster and had them read out loud the virtue they should have been showing. (I read it for Benjamin, but I pick him up to look at the poster while doing so.)
I think it's been going well. We've aimed to color a different sheet each week, but all the virtues are on the table at all times. I might pick out a specific one to focus on for a day when we really need help with it, but I like having them trying to be good all around rather than just focusing on being kind and forgetting to also be diligent in their work."
The Leiber Family
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