Teacher Cards (PreK-4th Grade)


Product Description

Teaching character to your students has never been more important...and We Choose Virtues makes it fun and easy.

These Teacher Cards are the foundation to our system for creating a culture and language of character in your classroom. If you can only purchase one product from us, make it THIS ONE! 

With We Choose Virtues, teachers can focus on clarifying expectations through a simple, precise language and practical demonstrations, sparking conversation and growth...and your students will love the process! 

We Choose Virtues is a creative, intuitive and relational way to integrate character skills training into real life choices. 

The front of each Teacher's Virtue Card has catchphrases and antonyms for the virtue. The 12 Virtues included in this set are: I am Diligent, I am Obedient, I am Kind, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Honest, I am Perseverant, I am Self-controlled, I am Content, I am Patient, I am Gentle and I am Attentive! 

The back of each Card has these five elements: 

  1. TEACHER TIPS for understanding the value of each virtue.  
  2. The KIDS OF VIRTUEVILLE story shows how a student can make choices to use the virtue.
  3. VIRTUE USER CHALLENGE suggests a way for the class to use the virtue for an entire day. 
  4. DEMONSTRATIONS show ways the teacher can set up opportunities to practice the virtue and stretch the students' skills.
  5. WHAT TO SAY AFTER I'M SORRY shows how to correct the relationship conflicts that arise when virtue isn't used. 

How to use this tool:

  • These cards are printed.
  • With only seconds of prep time, and only 10 minutes of teaching Virtues each day, you will be surprised how fast your whole class will learn to choose and use Virtue!
  • Simply choose one card to work on each week. The order you teach them in is flexible. 
  • When you have finished with the set of twelve, start over again to build a deeper understanding. You will complete the set 3 times per year, doing a Virtue each week.

Physical Product:

  • The full color, double sided cards are printed on high quality card stock, size 8.5' x 11'  

PDF files Included:

  • Character Assessment PDF
  • 10 page Teacher Cards Lesson Plan PDF 
  • 20 Coloring Pages PDF
  • Simply Inspiring Character that Lasts PDF


    This is the Faith-Based version of the curriculum recommended for private schools, child care facilities, churches and programs that welcome the use of scripture.

    Delivery Method: 

    This product will will be delivered in a padded envelope and shipped usually within 48 hours. The PDF portion of your order will be emailed to you as a link. 


    This product includes a classroom use license. You may print as many copies of the PDFs as you want for your immediate classroom. No file transfers or copy sharing, please.