Product Description

We Choose Virtues is a creative, intuitive and relational way to integrate character skills training into real life. 

With We Choose Virtues, parents and teachers can focus on clarifying expectations through a simple, precise language and personal questions, sparking conversation and growth...and kids seem to love the process! 

Now is the best time to start. We Choose Virtues is the simple plan you need.  

Be the parent or teacher you always wanted to be. With We Choose Virtues you can. Simply Inspire Character that Lasts.

In this Kit (Licensed for one classroom):

2 Youth Virtue Posters, 11x17 

The Youth Virtue Cards will guide students to reflect understand and reflect on their own character as they answer insightful questions in these categories.

  1. DEFINE and research the Virtue
  2. DISCERN how the Virtue affects the people around them
  3. DREAM about how the Virtue could change their future
  4. DETECT ways the Virtue is being activated in their life today
  5. DO IT now. Answering the what, when, where, and how questions. 

The printable Youth Journal has 10 page-style options for students to write or draw the answer to the questions from the back of the Youth Virtue Cards. 

Students will analyze their own character growth and chart their progress on the printable Youth Character Assessment. 

Super detailed Coloring Pages

We have included Youth Classroom Lesson Plans for various applications of the system. Choose the option that is best for you; public school or faith-based school.

How to use this tool:

  • With only seconds of prep time, and only 10-30 minutes of discussing Virtues each day, you will be surprised how fast your students will grow in their character skills.
  • There are 12 Youth Virtue Cards, one for each Virtue. Simply choose one card to work on each week. The order you teach them is flexible. 
  • Select a question or two from the back of the Youth Virtue Card, print a journal page for each student, and begin. 
  • There are 30+ questions on the back of each Youth Virtue Card. Each time students answer the questions, they will be at a different place in life, so it is expected that you will go through the same questions many times over the years with different responses each time. 
  • When you have finished the whole set of cards one time, start over again. You will go through the whole set 3 times in an academic year, and 4 times in a calendar year. 


  • 12 full color, printed, 8.5x11 glossy cards
  • 2 11"x17" posters to display anywhere your students can see them.
  • 10 Youth Virtue Journal page styles and instructions (PDF)
  • Youth Character Assessment (PDF)
  • Youth Virtue Handbook (PDF)
Purchase of this kit includes the license to print the PDF files for use in one classroom

    Delivery Method: 

    Your Youth Virtue Cards and Posters will be delivered in a padded envelope and shipped usually within 48 hours. The downloads will be emailed to you separately.

     Age Appropriate: 

    This tool was designed with 10+ year olds in mind, but an adult would very useful as well.