Early Education Teacher's Handbook PDF


Product Description

        This full color, 48 page handbook outlines the simple steps and inspiring tools that are needed to teach this character education system in your classroom or home. Much of the content can be applied to parents since every parent is a teacher!

There are special notations for teaching this system in homeschools and home daycares throughout the book. 

The first section goes over the whys and hows of using the system.  This is not your typical “teacher’s handbook.” It a collection of tips and pep talks to help teachers teach in a positive way. Also included in this segment are general ideas on introducing the Virtues, ways to instruct and interact, and various activities.This handbook does not cover how to teach individual Virtues; those instruction are on the back of the Parenting or Teacher's Cards. 

The second section displays other resources you can purchase on the website to supplement your program. 

We have included this valuable guide free with the purchase of many of our Kits. 

How to use this tool: 

    • We do not recommend that you print this handbook. Just open the file, read through it and refer to it when you need to be inspired again. 

      Included In this Handbook: 4 simple steps to teaching Virtues

      • Step 1 Expect Excellence 
                      - Of yourself as a person
                      - Of yourself as a teacher
                      - Of each student
                      - Of your class
      • Step 2 Explain with Enthusiasm 
                      - Inspire
                      - Introduce
                      - Instruct
      • Step 3 Emphasize Everyday 
                      - Classroom rules
                      - Virtue in Focus
                      - Journaling
                      - Library Books
                      - Invite a guest
                      - Virtue detectives
                      - Review games
      • Step 4 Examine Everything 
                      - Correct the wrong
                      - Reward the right

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