Virtue for School

We Choose Virtues helps teachers Simply Inspire Character that Lasts. Each virtue teaches and reinforces the skills necessary to have focused students in a peaceful, happy classroom environment.

All our products teach the same 12 virtues, just in different ways.

  • If you teach Preschool or Elementary, we recommend the Teacher's Virtue Cards or the Classroom Kit for Kids.  
  • If you teach Jr High or High-School, we recommend the Youth Virtue Cards, or the Classroom Kit for Youth. 

POSITIVE - INTUITIVE - RELATIONAL We Choose Virtues is a character curriculum using 12 resource cards and posters based on CATCHPHRASES and ACTIVE PRACTICE.

Your students will ENJOY learning how to be patient, attentive and diligent along with 9 other essential virtue skills that will BUILD them as students and people.

We Choose Virtues is a positive, intuitive, and relational way to integrate character skills into real life.

With We Choose Virtues, teachers can focus on clarifying expectations through a simple, precise language and personal questions, sparking conversation self-reflection and positive momentum.

Teachers using We Choose Virtues find it to be a simple and enjoyable process leading to consistency and more student engagement. Opportunities are provided for active practice moving the abstract concepts into real personal growth opportunities. 

Instilling character traits such as patience, diligence, self-control, kindness, and honesty will improve a student's personal relationships, education, and employability leading to a very healthy and positive contribution in life as they find lasting success in their dreams and callings. 

The best time to start is NOW. We Choose Virtues is the simple plan teachers need to Simply Inspire Character that Lasts.