Virtue Community Book "What to Say..."

This is an experiment in writing a fun and helpful book for kids!

It is a book of questions about friends, family, adventure and more, FOR YOUR KIDS to answer.

 Our Hopes for this Book... 

        1. We hope the book will start great conversations between kids and grown-ups, both writing it and reading it.
        2. We hope it helps adults who just don't know what to say when their 5-12 year olds ask them LOTS of questions. 
        3. And, hope it will be a fun resource for kids to read to themselves and think about what they would say in a similar situation. 

 Here are Details... 

The questions

    • You can find questions in the posts "What to Say... Questions of the Day" on Facebook (
    • Or email me ( and I'll send an email with a bunch of questions to your inbox! 
    • We are accepting more questions so let us know if you or your kids have ideas. Credit in the book will not be given questions, just answers.

       The answers by Virtue Kids, worldwide

        • Anyone who gives us an answer is referred to as a contributor.
        • This book going to be a brilliant collection of what real-live Virtue Kids have to say., so we prefer that contributing children be Virtue Kids, meaning that We Choose Virtues is a part of their up-bringing or schooling.
        • We expect most answers will come from 5-12 year olds, but any age is fine. Even parents and teachers can contribute. Hey, adults can be Virtue Kids, too! 

         Tips to get great answers

          • Explain to your kids that they are helping other children. 
          • Feel free to explain the questions in a way the kids can understand. 
          • Then let them talk and just take notes with very little prompting or leading
          • A great response combines sympathy with advice.
          • Ask your kids to first say how they would feel, and then what they would doA sympathetic response like "OH! Me too!" with advice like "I would run and get my mom." or "That would make me sad. I would try to find a new favorite toy". or "that happens to me sometimes too. I would try to think of something else to do." or whatever advice pops into their heads.  
          • We will avoid publishing corrective or unsympathetic responses that would shut the conversation down. 
          • Some of the questions are very serious, about sickness, loss, divorce and death of a pet or loved one. Not every child should be asked these questions, but there are many parents who need help answering them for their child. If your child can answer, or if you can, that would be wonderful. 
          • We may end up separating this project into two books. One that is more practical, and one that is spiritual. If your child answers in a spiritual manner, please send it. Kids need advice from children who have a personal relationship with Jesus. 
          • Some answers will be funny, some profound, and some practical. We like them all. 

           What happens next?

            • Please send the answers via email ( or Facebook (
            • Please always reference the question number, and include the contributor's first name, age and country of birth or residence so we can credit them. 
            • We will send the same set of questions to more than one contributor so we have lots of answers to pick from. If a similar answer is given by more than one contributor, the first person we receive it from will be credited.
            • We will give credit to each contributor in the book, but there will be no financial compensation
            • All questions and answers associated with this project will become the property of We Choose Virtues.
            • We will do some editing for flow and clarity without losing their essence. All answers will appear as close to what was actually said as possible. 
            • Heather McMillan will personally choose the questions and answers that will be published. She will also contribute her own answer to every question in the book. 
            • We will gradually gather all the content and produce the book. It may take a year or more! This is going to be a fun adventure. 

            We can’t wait to see what creative advice your kids instinctively give!

            Thank you for being a part of this with us. I am over the moon with excitement to get to know you all better and work on our very first Virtue community book!

            Heather McMillan and We Choose Virtues