5 easy steps to select your We Choose Virtues curriculum

First, we offer a choice of two VIEWPOINTS  or ideologies. 

  1. Conventional/Secular: These resources meet Public School requirements. They are available for the school setting,  in both grade levels, English and Spanish. 
  • Faith-Based: These resources may include the use of Scriptures and prayer, but are otherwise the same content.They are available for in the home, school, and Church  settings, in both grade levels, English and Spanish.

Next, choose the language, grade level, the setting where you will be teaching.

  1. Select a language option. At this time, we offer two. 
    • English
    • Spanish
  1. Select a grade level: We offer resources for older and younger students, along with a new planner for the teacher or mom who wants a daily virtue  challenge too!
    • Grades PreK - 4th (ages 3-10)
    • Grades 5th-12th (ages 11-18)
    • Teacher/Mom Virtue Planner 
  1. Select your setting; the location you will be teaching in. Our resources are structured for various teaching contexts. 
    • Choose the HOME option if you are teaching at home, as a family, in a homeshool setting, as a nanny or grandparent.  
    • Choose the SCHOOL option if you are teaching in a public or private classroom, sports team, activity club, or homeschool co-op. 
    • Choose the CHURCH option if you are teaching in a Sunday School,  VBS, Kids Camp or Bible Club. 

That's it! Now just choose something fun!

    • All our products work together so you can’t go wrong. Character Cue Cards are a "Must Have!" so add them to your cart, and then then pick up your extras!
    • All our resources teach the same 12 virtues, just in different ways so every developmental stage and  learning style is covered. 
    • You are going to be amazing at this, and your students will demonstrate measurable outcomes!