Product Description

 We Choose Virtues is a creative, intuitive and relational way to integrate lasting, practical character.

With We Choose Virtues, teachers will focus on clarifying behavior expectations through a simple, precise language. Lead your students to practice honesty, diligence, self-control and more, using practical demonstrations. Now is the best time to start. We Choose Virtues is the simple plan you need. 

We Choose Virtues supports the effort you are making in the character growth of your students. Be the teacher you always wanted to be. With We Choose Virtues you can. Simply Inspire Character that Lasts.

Included in the Classroom Kit for Kids are Lesson Plans for various applications of the system. Choose the option that is best for you; public school or faith-based school.  

Included in this School Classroom Kit: 

Reusable Tools

Consumable tools

Downloadable/reproducible PDF Tools:

How to use this Kit: 

This system is not a curriculum or a unit study, it is a language that that you rehearse and demonstrate for the first 10-15 minutes every time you get together no matter what else you are teaching! Look at the individual tools included in this Kit and get all the details on how to use each one.

Delivery Method: 

Your Kit will be delivered in a padded envelope, and shipped usually within 48 hours. The download button will be emailed to you. 

Age Appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary

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