CHURCH KIT (PreK-4th Grade)


Product Description

The Kid's Church Kit contains tools to help you inspire Virtue in your Children's Church. Use this along with whatever else you are teaching, as a companion to any Bible story or series.

Just spend a few minutes on Virtues at the beginning of every class. This curriculum makes it easier than ever to build a good foundation of attitudes and actions that will last a lifetime and change a generation of children. 

This is all done in a very positive way! Kids LOVE it and so will your teachers. Everyone does better in an atmosphere where there is peace and security. 

Once they have practiced Virtue in your class and learned the language, it goes home with them! We Choose Virtues is a very effective tool to help you pastor the children and families in your church. 

How to use this Kit: 

We recommend that you repeat this system over and over for several years in a row while the children are in this elementary age to ensure that they really 'get it'. 

  1. Memorize the simple action-definitions and antonyms for each Virtue.
  2. Practice each Virtue using the real-life demonstrations provided on the Teacher Cards.
  3. Reinforce each Virtue using the colorful Posters, Flash Cards, Awards and more.
  4. Integrate Virtue into your welcome, worship, the Word and any other time you can. 
  5. Encourage your student's efforts as they become more Obedient, Honest, Content, Kind, Perseverant, Diligent, Patient, Self-Controlled, Forgiving, Gentle, Helpful and Attentive! 


Reusable Tools

Downloadable/reproducible PDF Tools:

    Delivery Method: 

    Your Kit will be delivered in a padded envelope, and shipped usually within 48 hours.  The download button will be emailed to you. Enjoy!

     Age Appropriate: 

    This tool was designed for Preschool or Elementary-age children.