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3 STEPS: How to Turn Dreamers into Doers

My "little-self" would have a good laugh upon reading this post and learning that I actually LOVE diligence.  Being Diligent was never very easy for me as a child. I was a dreamer. Through and through. I wanted to live in Bookville or Toyland. Chore time, homework, meal time, bed time...I re-purposed them all with daydreaming.  Now that I'm grown, and my own kids are almost grown too, I am VERY glad I was given such a vivid imagination. It helped me see mere patches of blue sky, and know the weather was clearing. It also helped me find the valuable resources hidden in odds and ends.  Being a dreamer has brought me joy. My life has been full of adventure, and I'm still anticipating more. I imagine...

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