3 Tactics You Can Use to Make Your Curriculum for Homeschool More Fun

By Heather McMillan

At We Choose Virtues, we have some experience in coming up with homeschool lesson plans that are effective at communicating useful information to kids while also making sure that they have fun!

If you’re having trouble coming up with a curriculum for homeschool, we think we can help.

  • Check out some of our Top Picks For Kids that have been designed specifically to engage children on a level that they can relate to and actually learn from.
  • Another tactic we think is useful in making homeschool lesson plans a bit more fun is to not stick with one thing for too long. When attention spans are running short, simply move on to something that your kids are interested in and come back to anything else later on.
  • We’ve saved the best tip for last. If you have multiple children, why not have your older child work with a younger one? Your older kids will have fun helping their siblings and the younger ones will love learning from a big brother or sister that they look up to! It’s worked wonders for us in the past.

We hope these tips will be as helpful for you as they’ve been for us and many other parents around the world who struggle with developing a curriculum for homeschool teaching that actually works for their kids. One last bonus suggestion for you—every child is different. This is the most important thing to keep in mind as you come up with homeschool lesson plans. Each kid learns different, so play to their strengths and you’re sure to find success.

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