5 Ways to Tell if Your Homeschool Supplies are Effective

By Heather McMillan

Are your kids getting the most out of the homeschool supplies that they’re using? Here at We Choose Virtues, we’ve got a couple of ways for you to tell if what you’re doing is working.

  • Your children look forward to starting their day. One surefire sign that things are working the way you want them to is if your kids (generally) look forward to learning each day.
  • Your children are excited to tell other family members or friends about what they’re learning. If your kids love talking about what they learned in school, you’re on the right track.
  • Your children can communicate what you’re teaching them back to you in unique ways. Rather than simply memorizing facts, kids love being able to engage what they’re learning.
  • You notice an increase in their knowledge every day. When you homeschool your kids, you get to plan your own homeschool lesson plans to ensure that your kids are on pace.
  • Your children are engaging what they’re learning in a creative way. Homeschooling allows your children the freedom to learn in a way that they can’t in public schools.

At we choose Virtues, we’ve made it a point to create our homeschool supplies, lesson plans, and kids posters to specifically foster their learning. Our mission is to help you and your family succeed in new, unique, and creative ways while everyone involved has fun. Shop our entire collection of homeschool supplies today! There’s nothing we love more than setting your children up for success in the future.