Virtue Mom's 2024 Planner - Cultivate Peace

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Product Description

Introducing the Virtue Mom's 2024 Planner—a comprehensive tool designed for women seeking not only organizational efficiency but also personal growth. With over 100 PDF pages, this planner allows flexibility by offering options to start the week on either Sunday or Monday, and it can be printed in vibrant color or classic black and white.

What sets this planner apart is its unique focus on inspiring women (moms or not) to practice a different virtue each month, totaling 12 virtues throughout the year. As mothers guide their children in cultivating Christ-like character, the Virtue Planner becomes a source of daily inspiration in their own lives. This year's emphasis is on "Peace," encouraging women and moms to explore the facets of peace through virtues such as patience, kindness, diligence, contentment, forgiveness, and seven other essential character traits. This planner is loaded with scripture to feed your spirit day by day. 

Beyond just scheduling and organizing, the Virtue Mom's 2024 Planner is a transformative companion that aligns your daily routines with virtues, fostering personal and familial growth. Get ready to organize your life while nurturing the virtues that matter most in your own hearts.


  • Yearly calendar page 
  • Yearly goal planning pages
  • Year at a glance spreads for tracking birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc
  • 2 monthly spreads featuring a beautiful title page, virtue prompt with scripture memory verses, monthly overview page, and weekly layout for every week of the month.
  • The weekly layout has a place for you to record upcoming events or appointments, your to-do lists, what's for dinner, as well as a peek at what's coming up next week to prep for. There is also an area to help you care for your home as well as the monthly virtue focus and weekly memory verse.


  • Every option comes with black and white or full color variations to choose from
  • Choose Monday or Sunday start days
  • Choose dated for 2024 or an undated option


This planner is a 100+ page PDF and will be sent to you in an emailed link for download within a few minutes of purchase.