Three Rules Poster (PreK-4th Grade)


Product Description

 This poster is a sanity-saver for parents  and teachers!  These simple rules will help you create a culture of order in your home or classroom!  

Why do we need three rules when we have 12 Virtues? These are the most important Virtues to apply when relating to others. They are the building blocks of a respectful society, creating thriving communities and peaceful homes.

  • OBEY is the one-word rule and it is always first importance, signified by holding up one finger.
  • BE KIND is the two-word rule, signified by holding up two fingers
  • BE A HELPER is the three-word rule, signified by holding up three fingers.


 How to use this tool:

  • Hang it in a prominent place for easy reference.
  • Once the kids know the rules you should practice the handy hand motions to show them what rule you need them to use at any given moment. It works wonders!
  • The rules are in order of priority. If a child is helping but not obeying, they need to obey because Obey is the first rule.
  • Each time you give an instruction, ask the kids what rule it fits under. Some instructions could fit under all three rules. An example is "Wipe the table". It is obeying, being kind and being helpful!


One 11 x 17 poster on high quality paper

Delivery Method: 

Your poster will be delivered in a poster tube and shipped usually within 48 hours.

Age Appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary

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