Personal Virtue Charts -PDF (PreK-4th Grade)


Product Description

    Teach your students to set and reach short term goals in character by keeping track of the days they demonstrated their personal Virtue in Focus.

Choosing and using Virtue can be fun when you inspire students to put aside their old caterpillar ways and become a butterfly!  

How to use this tool: 

    • Print your charts.
    • Help each child determine a personal Virtue in Focus. 
    • Watch them for examples so you can explain exactly why they did or did not earn a sticker.      
    • There are five spaces in each row so you can give one sticker per day each week. There are nine weeks on this award so that you can include it with the report card at the end of each quarter.
    • If you need to skip a day due to lack of effort, just leave that space empty. If you make it too easy, it won’t mean as much. Set your standard for excellence, and stick to it!  Challenge them to try and fill up every square the next week.
    • You may want to offer a prize or privilege each time a student fills their chart, or even fills a complete row.
    • Even if there are quite a few empty squares in their chart, be supportive, they can always improve next quarter!


    • 16 charts (11 x 4.5) 
    • There are no stickers with this chart. You will need to purchase ones that you like from the sticker store of your choice. 


    This product is for a single home or classroom use. You may print as many copies of the PDFs as you want for your immediate family or classroom. No file transfers or copy sharing, please. 

    Delivery Method: 

    Your PDF notes will be delivered in a download link. Enjoy!  

    Age Appropriate: 

    This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary