Kids Butterfly Virtue Poster PDF


Product Description

This colorful poster is a complete list of all 12 of our Virtues, their Catchphrases and Antonyms. It is covered with beautiful butterflies that signify our ability to be transformed.

The Kids Virtue Poster presents a language of Virtue that is both clear and positive.  If you are looking for a precise and consistent standard for both attitudes and actions that everyone can understand, this is a great place to start. It will help you create a brand new culture in your home or classroom that will eliminate confusion and build hope. 

How to use this tool: 

  • This single poster is the foundation of our entire Virtues system. Hang it in a prominent place in your home or classroom for easy reference. 
  • You can send your kids to the poster to find the Virtue that they are using at any moment to encourage them, or to find the Virtue that they need to start using to Inspire a change in their attitudes and actions. 


One 11 x 17 PDF poster 


This product is for a single home or classroom use. You may print as many copies of the PDFs as you want for your immediate family or classroom. No file transfers or copy sharing, please. 

Delivery Method: 

Your PDF poster will be delivered in a download link. Enjoy! 

Age Appropriate: 

This tool designed for early-childhood through elementary.