12 Awards (PreK-4th Grade) -PDF


Product Description

This poster features one award for of each of the 12 Virtues. This is a great way to show your kids that Virtue is valuable and worth honoring. 

When Virtue is honored in your home or classroom, a sense of genuine self-confidence  is encouraged. Not every child will excel at athletics or academics, but they can all learn to be a person of character. Make this the focus of your praise. 

Choosing and using Virtue is a choice we can all make. By focusing on it and helping them become successful, you will inspire them to put aside their old caterpillar ways and become a butterfly!    

How to use this tool: 

  • Print and cut your awards.
  • Give your kids/students a Virtue In Focus.
  • Watch for teachable moments during everyday life situations. While reading a story, watching a video or interacting with other children, remember to point out the opportunities to use Virtues. Real life is generous with prospects! 
  • When the child has used their Virtue in Focus for a while without needing to be reminded, set up a time to honor them and give them the award. 
  • The idea of getting together as a family or class and honoring one another for Virtue could quite possibly be the best thing you can do to inspire good character. Use specific examples, let everyone take a turn sharing how they saw this Virtue manifested in the child you are honoring.


  • 1 PDF poster for these 12 Virtues: Obedient, Honest, Content, Kind, Perseverant, Diligent, Patient, Self-Controlled, Forgiving, Gentle, Helpful and Attentive! 
  • Print on 11x17 paper (also called Tabloid or Ledger size paper) at your local office store. 


This product is for a single home or classroom use. You may print as many copies of the PDFs as you want for your immediate family or classroom. No file transfers or copy sharing, please. 

Delivery Method: 

Your PDF poster will be delivered in a download link. Enjoy!