What is "We Choose Virtues"?

We Choose Virtues is a Character Training Tool.

Put it to work, you will be amazed by the results!

Our system is different than anything you have ever seen. No heavy binders or time-consuming lessons. It is not a teachers' manual, it is a teaching tool to teach family virtues. It's an excellent addition for any curriculum, homeschool resources, and preschool pedagogy. Open it up and start changing the atmosphere in your home or or classroom today. 

We Choose Virtues utilizes 5 effective teaching methods to help you integrate Virtue into the lives of your kids. This is not seat work. It is the face-to-face teaching that children LOVE. 

  1. Clear Explanations of every Virtue with action catchphrases and antonyms
  2. Memorization games to build the language of Virtue
  3. Demonstrations for guiding your kids in choosing and using Virtue
  4. Conversations that you and your kids share together
  5. Personal Application during teachable moments all day long 
Our product line includes Teaching Cards, Flash Card Games, Posters, Awards and Sticker Charts, and Printable hand-outs to meet the practical needs of parents and teachers. 
Our flexible tools can be used as often as you choose throughout the day. Start with any Virtue and teach it as often as you find it necessary, making it completely customizable for the needs of any particular family or class. The 12 Virtues covered in this system are: 
  1. I am Diligent
  2. I am Kind
  3. I am Helpful
  4. I am Obedient
  5. I am Forgiving
  6. I am Perseverant
  7. I am Gentle
  8. I am Patient
  9. I am Self-Controlled
  10. I am Content
  11. I am Honest
  12. I am Attentive
One-time cost: No annual subscription. 

Every child should grow up with Virtue!



Our system was designed for children preschool-5th grade.