If you have kids in your life, you know they need to be MORE kind, honest, and patient and LESS angry, selfish and argumentative. Every kid does!

You need to take the guess-work out of teaching character. You need a strategy that brings old-fashioned goodness into modern times and modern kids! You need a plan that works. That plan is We Choose Virtues. 

What makes this program completely different than any other character training system? Three things.

  1. We Choose Virtues uses memorable catchphrases, endearing characters, and just plain fun to simply inspire character and kids love it!

  2. We Choose Virtues leverages real life to teach character instead of using traditional "seat-work" lessons. Since character is developed and tested in real life. It should be taught there too. 

  3. We Choose Virtues teaches parents and teachers when to encourage and when to correct attitudes and actions. It provides a standard that is consistent, and consistency is everything!

Thousands of families and teachers in dozens of countries, both faith-based and secular, are raising children with We Choose Virtues, and discovering that it works wonders, making kids happy, peaceful, and fun to be around.

Imagine what all this goodness will mean for their futures!