A letter from Heather McMillan

Dear Parents and Grandparents, and Teachers, 

There is something to be said for good character. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Good character makes kids more confident
  • Good character makes kids feel peaceful
  • Having good character helps kids succeed 
  • Having good character makes kids feel fulfilled
  • Kids with good character create a joyful atmosphere. They are fun to be around.

Character It is more than big words, more than definitions, and more than actions. It must become the motivating attitude of a person to truly be their character. Instilling it is hard work, but we believe it can also be fun!

As parents, grandparents and teachers, you get to be the heroes who inspire children to go beyond the boundaries that stopped everyone else. You can give them Virtue.

We Choose Virtues specializes in presenting virtue to children so they choose it for themselves when it really matters.

What sets We Choose Virtues apart? We recognize the fact that character can’t be learned the way we learn other things.

For example; we don’t become honest by just reading or talking about honesty. Somehow we have to face our dishonesty, and dislike it enough to want to change. 

Our kids will realize that flexing this virtue-muscle it is uncomfortable, but they try it and they succeed. When they like how they feel, they do it again. When faced with a situation where they really need to tell the truth, they remember and they DO IT! It seems simple, but it’s working for thousands of children!

Someone recently asked “What do you think are the biggest challenges to teaching character to children, and how does We Choose Virtues overcome this challenge?”

I’d like to share my observations with you…

The first is that character is often taught in a negative and stressful atmosphere. This is because we tend to combine character training with correction exclusively. Think about when you were a child. When were you taught to obey?

Most of us would say it was when we were being disobedient, which is only one small part. We Choose Virtues approaches character training by intentionally creating a positive, even fun atmosphere. Encouragement plays a vital roll, and we always start with clear understanding and a little practice. It really makes a huge difference!

Secondly, so many parents were not parented themselves. There is so much confusion about what the standard should be and how it is defined. This creates pressure, division between family members and ultimately the biggest challenge to character training; inconsistency. 

We Choose Virtues is a constant...even if we are not. 

It hangs on the fridge and says “This is right and this is wrong” and gives parents the courage to say “We are living THIS way”. They know when to encourage, they know when to correct, and one little Virtue at a time, I believe families are finding hope. 

One mom shared this with me, "The times when we go back and forth with stomped feet and raised voices are coming fewer and fewer, and as a tired Mama, I am feeling relieved that there really is a tool to get the behavior I want out of my kids without yelling, threats and punishments. It’s been a beautiful thing!" 

I am so excited that I get to share these tools with you. It is my heart's desire that you enjoy the process as you Simply Inspire Character...that Lasts.


Heather McMillan

Owner/Creator We Choose Virtues

We Choose Virtues is ready to become a part of your family. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a virtue-builder to accompany your homeschool lesson plans or you're wondering how to teach kids respect in your Preschool classroom, We Choose Virtues is there for you. Any questions? Contact us today!