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Use Teacher’s Virtue Cards as Sunday School Lessons for Children

If you’ve ever had the task of planning out Sunday school lessons for children at your church, you know that it can be trickier than you think at first. You’ve already done Noah’s ark, Adam and Eve, Joseph, the birth of Jesus, and Father Abraham (had many sons, and many sons had Father Abraham), but what’s next? Our teacher’s virtue cards can help. Use the dropdown menu to choose from cards designed for a faith-based classroom or cards with a public school in mind. Each card illustrates a biblical principle or value. You can tie these values into any of your already-planned Sunday school lessons for children or create a new lesson around contentment, attentiveness, kindness, diligence, helpfulness, or any...

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We’ve Got Sunday School Lessons for Children That They’ll Love

Sunday school lessons for adults? That one’s easy. But Sunday school lessons for children? That can be a little more difficult. You want something that’s age appropriate that children can actually grasp and not something that will leave them frustrated and inattentive. We’ve specifically created our Virtues for Church to help kids get to know Jesus because we believe that with the right push, it will give them confidence and the desire to seek Him for help. At We Choose Virtues, we know that many churches work on a rotating schedule so that teachers don’t get burned out. Our Sunday school lessons for children are consistent, so that even if the same teacher isn’t around every week, the kids can...

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