Use Teacher’s Virtue Cards as Sunday School Lessons for Children

By Elton McMillan

If you’ve ever had the task of planning out Sunday school lessons for children at your church, you know that it can be trickier than you think at first. You’ve already done Noah’s ark, Adam and Eve, Joseph, the birth of Jesus, and Father Abraham (had many sons, and many sons had Father Abraham), but what’s next? Our teacher’s virtue cards can help. Use the dropdown menu to choose from cards designed for a faith-based classroom or cards with a public school in mind.

We Choose Virtues has Sunday school lessons for children.Each card illustrates a biblical principle or value. You can tie these values into any of your already-planned Sunday school lessons for children or create a new lesson around contentment, attentiveness, kindness, diligence, helpfulness, or any of the other virtues. We know that making the time to plan out lessons is difficult when you’re trying to find a healthy balance which is why our teacher’s virtue cards are designed to take only a few minutes of prep time.

Simply picking out one card each week and begin by focusing on that specific topic. Work your way through each topic and when you’re done, start back at the beginning! Your kids will be engaged, they’ll be learning, and they’ll be having fun; you’ll have more free time, teach an interesting Sunday school lesson, and be amazed at the results. Each set is completed three times per year if you tackle one virtue each week. It keeps your kids from getting bored while also reinforcing the virtues you’re seeking to teach in your Sunday school lessons for children in elementary school.