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A perfect "send home" item for parents and  grandparents, and a great gift for your child's teacher!

We Choose Virtues is a creative, intuitive and relational way to integrate character skills training into real life using a simple, precise language. With Virtues, parents and teachers have a with a practical plan to Simply Inspire Character that Lasts…and kids love the process! 

How to Use this tool:

  • Teach the virtues and antonyms
  • When a problem arises in the home or classroom, send the child or children involved to the poster to find the virtue they should be using.
  • When you see a virtue in action, send a child to the poster to see what virtue they were using. 


  • 11x17 Kids Virtue Poster This colorful poster is a complete list of all 12 of our Virtues, their Catchphrases and Antonyms. The Kids of VirtueVille are pictured next to each Virtue for easy reference.

Delivery Method: 

Your poster, and samples will be delivered in a padded envelope and shipped usually within 48 hours.

Age Appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary.


"It is a bright poster that will catch the children's eyes at random times. It serves as visual reminder even when we aren't talking about it."

"It is great for various ages. From your youngest child that is just learning gentleness to your tween that needs an obedience reminder, this chart will serve your family through all the ages and stages."

"The chart isn't overly aggressive or underly syrupy. It is straightforward and the 12 virtues are valuable for everyone. As Christians, we include Bible verses as we talk about the chart but this would be just as valid of a tool for any family."

"It is easy to reference in any conflict discussion. Children arguing? Talk about self-control and kindness. Little Billy not listening to you? Point out "I am obedient". Sally's Christmas list incredibly long? Discuss being content." ~Edie 

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