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100 Days of Virtue Achievement Chart

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Motivate your class or family or homeschool to consistently grow in their Virtue the whole school year! This colorful achievement chart is a complete list of all 12 of our Virtues. There are 108 caterpillars and 108 adorable butterfly stickers in this set. The goal is to cover every caterpillar with a butterfly sticker! (8 of the days have two caterpillar spots so that when everyone works especially hard on a particular Virtue, you have the opportunity to cover two!) If you need to skip a day due to lack of effort, just cover the caterpillar another day. 
When all the caterpillars have become butterflies, you have achieved 100 days of Virtue! Time to celebrate! 
    This poster is consumable so you will need to purchase it every year.  It is included in our Homeschool Kit, and our Classroom Kits.

How to use this tool: 

  • Hang it in a prominent place in your classroom or home for easy reference. 
  • This is a chart that your whole class or family is using together. Everyone has to contribute effort for a sticker to be earned for the day. 
  • Fill out the 100 Days of Virtue Chart together with the name of your class at the top. Example: “We are Mr. Thomas' Third grade Class and We Choose Virtues!” The name of your Homeschool, Sunday School class or your family;s last name is great here too!
  • Ask all the kids to sign the white border of the chart with their name. You should sign it too so they can see that you are going to use Virtues right along with them. Your example is vital.
  • Talk about what kind of reward they would like when they have reached 100 Days of Virtue, Perhaps a field trip or an ice cream party. This may be an event you would have planned anyway, but just “re-purpose” it to honor the character of your class.
  • Start each day by selecting a class Virtue in Focus. Watch the entire class for examples so you can explain exactly why they earned a sticker. ·
  • Many families purchase one Achievement Chart for each child so they can reach their personal character goals in the order that works best for them.      


  • 108 butterfly stickers
  • 1 11 x 17  poster printed on high-quality paper

Delivery method: 

Your poster and stickers will be delivered in a poster tube usually within 48 hours.

Age appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary 


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