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Tools for Homeschools

Do you have questions about how the different Kits compare? Or do you want to know the content of a specific product? If so, this simple Product Comparison Chart could be your answer. 

How the Homeschool Kit works 

The Family Character Assessment (PDF Download) is a very helpful way to start the conversation about Virtue, what it is, which ones come easily to us and which ones we need to work on. Take this test before you begin and periodically throughout the process of developing these life-long skills.
Put the Kids Virtue Poster on your fridge or a prominent place for easy reference. Every time you see your child showing their ‘Caterpillar ways” ask them to go to the Poster and find the antonym “I am Not” that they are doing and read the corresponding Virtue to you. When they receive correction and choose to change, they become butterflies! 

Hang these Kids of VirtueVille Mini Posters in a place where your kids can enjoy them. Seeing all 12 Virtues on display will help everyone in the family memorize the catchphrases and antonyms. Find the hidden caterpillars and butterflies on each poster! Hint: There are the same amount as there are letters in the Virtue. 

This super helpful Three Rules Poster states the most important rules in kid-friendly language. You really only need three! Every instruction in your home or classroom will fit under one of these three rules and every moral responsibility can be found in these three rules as well. 
Use the Virtue Flash Cards for memorization games. They come with scriptures or without. Take time every day to review this whole stack of cards. You might also give one to each child to work on at the beginning of the day, or take them along with you on family errands!  

Choose one of 13 Parenting Cards to work on each day, a week or even for two weeks at a time. The order you choose to teach them in is up to you. You can take 10 minutes a day or up to an hour. Do the demonstrations on the back, teach your kids “What to say after ‘I’m sorry’” and look for opportunities to re-enforce this Virtue all day long. They are loaded with instructions on teaching each Virtue and demonstrations to help you simply inspire character that lasts! Your older kids can use them to teach the younger ones. 

100 Days of Virtue Poster and Butterfly Stickers is a fun way to keep track of your progress. The Virtue you have chosen to teach that day or week is your “Virtue in Focus”.  If everyone works together to choose it and use it all day, one sticker goes on that Virtue. There are a few days you get to put two butterflies stickers…just because everyone was that great! After 100 successful days, every caterpillar will be a butterfly and you get to celebrate! 

Assign each child a Virtue in Focus. The pad of 25 Virtue User Reviews is a great way to remember to turn their "Caterpillar ways” into “Butterflies”  Post this note in a place they can see it daily. Remember to encourage them and correct them as needed. 

The Teacher's Handbook (PDF download) is 50 pages FULL of ways to teach and inspire Virtue in a classroom setting. 

The Official Butterfly Award (PDF Download) is a great way to honor your child for their notable Virtue. Print this PDF download as many times as you like! Kids will continue to grow in character when they feel successful in your eyes! 
    The Coloring Book (PDF Download) that comes with this kit give your kids a simple and fun activity. Print as needed.