Youth Mentoring Kit

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Product Description

     If are a youth leader or mentor and you love influencing 12-18 year-olds to build character that will positively affect the rest of their lives...then this tool is for you! You will talk about their dreams, help them evaluate their use of Virtue in their life now, discuss quotes about Virtues, give some good advice of your own, and take time for them to respond. You will be amazed how your relationship will flourish as you simply inspire character that lasts! 

This tool teaches how to be attentive, content, forgiving, gentle, helpful, honest, obedient, perseverant, and respectful. 

Note: This program was created as a counseling tool for youth in the Idaho Court system and is appropriate for a secular setting. 



  • 100 Page youth journal covering 9 Virtues. designed to be used for one hour, once a week for two weeks per virtue…thus covering 18 weeks.
  • Youth Mentor's Handbook that gives extensive detail for building a mentoring relationship with a young person. This guide is excellent for training purposes. 
  • Each youth AND mentor will receive an 11x17 poster with our virtue catchphrases and antonyms.
Downloadable PDF tools
  • Mentor Meeting Report Form for your staff to keep notes on and give a copy to your leader. 
  • Youth Character Assessment for measurable outcomes. 
  • List of scriptures appropriate for the Virtues covered in the program (if using this program in a faith-based setting). 

    Delivery method: 

    Your Kit will be delivered in a padded envelope and poster tube and shipped usually within 48 hours. A download button will be emailed to you as well.

    Age appropriate: 

    This tool is part of our Youth category and was designed for pre-teen and teen.