Virtue User Reviews -Printed


Product Description

These quick notes are a real time saver! It takes just a moment to keep everyone informed on the virtue that your child or student is focusing on. 

This report is the perfect mix of "I'm proud of you!" and "Let's work on this!" This form will remind them where they are going and inspire them to put aside their old caterpillar ways and become a butterfly!  

To purchase these notes as a PDF, ready to print, click here: Virtue User Reviews -PDF

How to use this tool: 

    • Give the child a Virtue In Focus. 
    • For classrooms, send one home with parents (in your report card?) so they can support the cause of Virtue at home! 
    • You may want to give it to your child or student to help them remember what Virtue they have grown in, and what one they need to keep in mind presently. Working on one or two at a time keeps them from becoming overwhelmed. 
    • Watch for teachable moments during everyday life situations. While reading a story. watching a video or interacting with other kids, remember to point out the opportunities to use Virtues. Real life is generous with prospects! 


      • One pad of 25 notes (4 x 6) 

      Delivery Method: 

      Your Virtue User Reviews will be delivered in a padded envelope and shipped usually within 48 hours. 

      Age Appropriate: 

      This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary