Product Description

    This Virtue Kid's Kit is set up for an INDIVIDUAL CHILD to display in their room to motivate and challenge themselves. We think that kids are going to LOVE it! There is lots of fun packed into this Kit! 

If you purchase a Kids Kits for each child in your home, we also recommend the Parenting Cards for the whole family to work on their Virtues together. 

How to use this Kit: 

This kit is a perfect gift for the child in your life. They get to hang the posters on their wall, put the Virtue Clues next to their bed...and best of all, earn a Virtue award from you! Please take a look at the individual tools included in this Kit and get all the details on how to use each one.


Reusable tools
        Consumable tools
    • A set of 12 Kid’s Awards to give to your child as they grow in each character trait.
Downloadable/reproducible PDF tools

 Delivery method: 

This Kids Kit will be delivered by the USPS in a padded envelope. The download button will be emailed to you, Enjoy!  

 Age appropriate: 

This tool was designed for early-childhood through elementary