Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Pages PDF-with classroom license


Product Description

A must-have for every child, this is 20 pages of coloring fun! Color all 12 of the Kids of VirtueVille, learn their names and lots more!

Teachers can remind their students about the Virtue in Focus for the class, or give a student their own.  

How to Use this Tool: 

    • Print and Color! 

    Included in this PDF:

    • 1 Cover page

    • 12 Kids of VirtueVille pages

    • 3 Activity pages (NEW word search and key!)

    • 1 NEW Butterfly page

    • 1 NEW Caterpillar page 

    • 1 NEW Magnifying glass page

    • 1 NEW "The Three Rules" page 

    • This is only offered as a PDF download. Purchasing this file gives you license to print copies for your classroom and may not be shared.  

    Delivery Method: 

    Your Coloring Pages DOWNLOAD BUTTON will be emailed to you separately PLEASE check your email box or junk mail for it. Enjoy!

    Age Appropriate: 

    This tool was designed for every age to color together! 


    "Thank you SO MUCH! I'm so glad to see that you made butterfly, caterpillar, and magnifying glass pages too!  We chant those sayings too (from the back of the first Parenting card), so having the pictures for the kids to color will be great!" ~Brandy

    "The coloring book is a collection of 20 fun coloring pages that include all the little girl or boy characters on the parenting cards. The illustrated characters are very cute and have catchy names like Feather Heather (Forgiveness), Cake Jake (Content), or Penny Jenny (Perseverant). I thought these were great and allowed the kids to get a visual image of each virtue. The virtue word is also included with each coloring sheet." ~Heather F.