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We Choose Virtues Global extends our purpose of Simply Inspiring Character that Lasts to every child throughout the world. 

We Choose Virtues Global partners with non-profit organizations world-wide to equip parents and teachers with character training materials.

  1. We work extensively with Assembly of Believers Church (ABC) and their 600+ churches and schools in Northern India. We travel there at least once each year.
  2. We also partner with Mike Silva International (MSI), a mission and humanitarian-aid organization with an emphasis on transforming lives in the Spanish-speaking world.

    We just returned from our first trip with MSI to Trujillo, Peru. Here are the highlights of that trip.

    Elton and I along with our daughter, Destiny, personally visited a dozen schools and churches and distributed Virtue Posters, Parenting Cards and Flash Cards to school administrators, teachers, pastors and community leaders. Some of the locations were harsh
    environments in impoverished areas of town. Others were larger schools with more resources. Either way, the need for character training and materials is great. We found everyone we spoke with to be very receptive and excited to implement the program. We look forward to receiving pictures!

    In the future, we plan to provide MSI with resources to distribute Virtue materials in every city they serve, giving a minimum of 100 churches, schools and community leaders permission to print unrestricted quantities for their families and teachers. MSI also puts on an annual kid’s festival where we can distribute our Parenting Cards directly to thousands of families.

    Being a vetted partner with MSI gives other non-profit charities confidence to partner with We Choose Virtues as well. Many of the services they provide meet an immediate and vital need such as water purification, medical services and food and clothing distribution. They are looking for more ways to make a lasting impact in the cities they serve. The piece we contribute provides that solution and it is easily distributed through existing community organizations such as local churches and schools.

    We met many wonderful people who came to Peru with MSI. Here are three opportunities that came from some of those new friendships.

    1. We shared our Virtue Kids Sing-Along album with recording artist Nathan Ironside and his wife Mary. He is formerly with Hillsong, Australia and now resides in Mary’s home country of Columbia. They are already starting their little daughter on Virtues and have plans to work with us to record our album in Spanish!
    2. A pastor with the Assemblies of God church who is on the executive board over a region of sixteen churches has invited Elton and me to do a Parenting Conference and a Sunday School Teacher’s Conference in Texas. We would love to be more involved with the AOG. They have a huge missions reach not to mention thousands of Sunday Schools world-wide.
    3. The pastor of the third largest Church of the Nazarene in the world invited Elton and me to return to Trujillo to do a Parenting Conference and a Sunday School Teacher’s Conference. They are currently using Virtues in their youth group of 1,700 students. We had the privilege of teaching Virtues to the pastor’s son, the youth pastor, at an MSI training seminar last March. We love the Peruvian people and we’re so excited about the opportunity to invest more time with them!


    What is making We Choose Virtues a GLOBAL solution?

    We Choose Virtues was strategically developed to remove hindrances that unintentionally, but effectively keep children from character training. 

    1. We train parents. Many parents were not taught character as children. Over time character-based parenting has become a lost art; therefore, parents need a standard that they can trust on which to build their family. This company is dedicated to equipping and training parents. This cannot be overstated!
    2. We cross cultural boundaries. There are lines drawn that keep some kids from having access to really great tools. We Choose Virtues has worked very hard to eliminate those complications without compromising basic truths. The virtues taught in our system are considered universally essential. These virtues effectively address the “people problems” common to all of us. Our illustrations are multi-ethnically inspired for the best possible connection with children. 
    3. We are affordable. The sales from this website allow us to offer steep discounts to poverty stricken nations around the world. The owners/creators of this company have personally distributed products free of charge in India, Peru, Mexico, Cambodia, Liberia, Haiti and many other nations. As the company grows in revenue, this will increase substantially. If you want to contribute, please contact us. 
    4. We are fresh and inspiring. We have heard that kids beg their teachers and parents to start their daily Virtues lessons. “Please teach me Virtues! PLEASE!!!” The tools we provide make it fun and easy to inspire kids to live virtue-lives. Dis-interest will not be a hinderance to character training anymore.
    5. We work hand in hand with established community organizations such as local churches and schools. This is the best way to bring stability to any new system that needs to be introduced to a culture.
    6. We are breaking the language barrier. We have a Spanish version so far. If you are interested in having We Choose Virtues translated into your language, or you are willing to donate your time and expertise as a translator (5,000 words) please contact the author at heather@wechoosevirtues.com. 

    Thank you!

    Heather and Elton McMillan

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