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Virtue for Homeschool

This is our entire line of character-coaching tools for kids (ages 3-9). All our products work together. They all teach the same 12 Virtues, just in different ways.

We Choose Virtues Homeschool Collection was created as a simple character training tool that kids love! It is the perfect fit for families looking for a positive and relational guide to building character

 All our products teach the same 12 virtues, just in different ways.

NEW! The Virtue Mom's Yearly Planner! 

  • If you have children ages 3-10, the most helpful item you can purchase from this category is the Parenting Card set. If you want to bundle the items we recommend, The Homeschool Kit for Kids (Pictured here) is a great choice. It has LOTS of great tools including the Parenting Cards. We have listed some other items that you might want to use as supplements. 
  • If you have children ages 11-16, take a look at our Youth Virtue Cards, and the Youth Virtue Poster, or choose just one of them. 
  • If you are purchasing for a Homeschool Club, take a look at the Homeschool Club Kit for Kids