Home Improvement Report -Printed


Product Description

Connect with parents and give positive reinforcement of their student's character.

Give parents the opportunity to be involved in observing and honoring Virtue in their child. Good behavior is solidified when it becomes a part of a student's whole life, inside and outside of the classroom.  

At school, the teacher is the one holding the “magnifying glass” up to a child's character. We need to empower the parents to do the 
same thing at home! This report also provides an opportunity to honor students in front of the whole class.


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How to use this tool: 

  • We recommend 1 sheet per student per month or send them home with the report card each quarter. 
  • Simply mark the student’s Virtue in Focus, and send it home so the parents can begin watching for opportunities to correct or encourage their child in that area. This report asks the parents to do three simple steps. 
                1. Encourage their child when they see improvement 
                2. Write down an example of when their child used the Virtue 
                3. Return the report the teacher.
  • Some families will not participate, and it will often be the student from that family who desperately needs the most encouragement and discipline. You may need to ask another adult who works at your school to fill out the report instead. 
  • When Home Improvement Reports are returned, read the report to the class. 


  • Pad of 50 notes, 8.5x5.5 each

Delivery Method: 

Your pad of Home Improvement reports will be shipped in a padded envelope, usually within 48 hours. 

Age Appropriate: 

This tool designed for early-childhood through elementary.