Copywork in Cursive -PDF (PreK-4th Grade)


Product Description

We are so excited to offer, We Choose Virtues copywork pages! 

This is 48 pages of coloring, virtue phrase copying, memorizing, journaling fun! These pages make teaching Virtues very easy for parents and teachers.

How to Use this Tool: 

    • Print it our then color, copy, and journal! 

    Included in this PDF:

    • 12 Virtue and Catchphrase pages in cursive. Color the Kids of VirtueVille in miniature and the butterfly, too. 

    • 12 Virtue Antonym pages in cursive. Color the caterpillar too. 

    • 12 Virtue Quotes pages. Research your favorite quote or verse about each Virtue and copy it. 

    • 12 Journal Pages. Give your child a journal question or story topic to write pertaining to each Virtue, and have them journal it here. 


    This product is for a single home or classroom use. You may print as many copies of the PDFs as you want for your immediate family or classroom. No file transfers or copy sharing, please. 

    Delivery Method: 

    Your Copywork Pages DOWNLOAD BUTTON will be emailed to you PLEASE check your email box or junk mail for it. Enjoy!

    Age Appropriate: 

    This tool was designed for elementary age children.