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Heather's Diligent Quotes

By Heather McMillan

Hello Friends!

In "How to Turn Dreamers into Doers." I talked about how diligence helped me as a child. I shared three steps that every parent can take when building this important skill. 

1) Take a Look at your child...honestly.
2) Be the adult.
3) Be patient so you can stay balanced.

Below are quotes that might give you some things to think about as you challenge yourself and your kids to live the diligent life. (They are also featured in our "Virtue of the Month" series on Facebook) I hope they will be good reminders.  

If you're looking for more than just quotes, perhaps character lessons, I suggest picking up my Parenting Cards, Teacher Cards or Youth Virtue Cards. They teach diligence and eleven other virtues for two different age groups. 




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