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Bible Memory Games: Part 2

Introducing a New Verse.

  1. Say the verse together one time.
  2. Ask them to tell you what the most important words in the verse are and underline them.
  3. Talk about any words they don’t understand

Bible Memory Game: Guess Who?

Items needed:  White board and markers
Preparation: Write the Bible verse on the white board for the kids to see.
  1. Say the verse together one time.
  2. Call everyone to the front who has red hair (or other criteria such as: wearing purple, the tallest on their team, brought a friend, etc.) Make the selections fun, not embarrassing. 
  3. Have those kids say the Bible Memory Verse together, then send them back and call up another selection of kids
  4. Erase the verse and say it all together from memory.


Bible Memory Review: Pitch it

Items needed: Enough balls or small toys for each word in your Bible verse for each team, a bucket for each team, and candy for prizes.
Preparation: Divide the group into three or more teams, Make a line for the teams to stand on.
  1. Let the teams get together to make sure they have the Bible Verse memorized before you tell them the game. .
  2. Have the kids line up as a team behind a line a certain distance from a bucket.
  3. Each camper in the line takes a turn tossing a ball into the bucket while saying one word of the verse. They may need a leader to coach them with the words and rebound the balls.
  4. If they miss, they just go to the end of the line and the next kid tries the same word.
  5. The first team with every ball in the bucket wins.
  6. All the teams say the verse together.
  7. Give each kid a turn to tell a leader the verse and give out some candy!




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