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Bible Memory Games: Part 1

Here are a couple of fun ways to teach Bible verses to your kids, or anything else you want them to memorize! 


Introducing a New Verse:

  1. Say the verse together one time.
  2. Ask them to tell you what the most important words in the verse are and underline them.
  3. Talk about any words they don’t understand.

Bible Memory Game: Sound Effects               

Items needed:  White board and marker

  1. Write the Scripture verse on the board. 
  2. When the verse is read, you emphasize every punctuation mark in a funny way.  For instance, quotation marks are a double click with the tongue, commas are a snap, periods are a clap, semi colons are 2 snaps, and exclamation marks are a stomp of the foot.  This is a lot of fun!  Try to do it fast

Bible Memory Review: Act UP


Items needed: Stage area, voting paddles and a sharpie for each team, one random prop to make it fun, and candy for prizes.

Preparation: Divide the kids into three or more teams.


  1. Each team has to act out the memory verse, so get the teams together and make sure they have the Bible Verse memorized before you tell them the game.
  2. They should be given their random prop and be encouraged to use it creatively in their skit.
  3. They should be given take several minutes to come up with their dialog and actions and then rehearse.
  4. Each team will have a turn up on the stage doing their skit for the other kids.
  5. The other teams will write points (1-10) on their voting paddles. They cannot vote when their own team performs.
  6. Add up the points clap for the winners
  7. All the teams say the verse together.
  8. Give each kid a turn to tell a leader the verse and give out some candy!


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