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The Three Rules: Part 1

If you were to sit your kids down tonight and ask them "What are the three most important rules in our home?" What would they say? 

Do you ever feel like you just have too many rules or your kids are missing the point of them all? 

Rules ARE important because they set the boundaries for right and wrong actions. They let everyone know the expectations. Here are some tips for coming up with a good set of rules:

  1. The clearer your rules are, the better chance you have of being consistent. Murky rules are hard to follow for the kids AND the parents!
  2. Too many rules, or rules that are too hard or are not followed by the parents can exasperate the children. 
  3. Too many rules also tends to make the environment feel negative. For this reason, we recommend selecting just three. Yes, we have something like a thousand to consolidate, but it can be done! I promise!
  4. Choose rules that have significance and reflect your values as a family. Communicate to your kids why you chose those rules. If you are raising your family to follow God's Word as the instruction manual for their lives, then the rules in your home will likely reflect His standard. 

We Choose Virtues' Three Rules are actually three virtues. We believe they are the foundation of a life of character. They work in the home or in the classroom Here they are: 




    Be a Helper
    Push in your chair
    Wipe up your spills
    Sort the game pieces
    Hang up your coat

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