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New Testament Stories on Being Kind

Here are some New Testament stories on being kind: Luke 1:39-45 :: Elizabeth was kind to Mary  Acts 16:22-34 ::  Paul and Silas showed extreme kindness when they were in the jail in Philippi and the earthquake released them from jail. Instead of fleeing for their lives, they stayed and saw to it that the jailor received Christ. Acts 9:36-43 :: Tabitha made clothes for the widows Luke 10:30-36 :: The Good Samaritan Luke 15:11-22 :: The Prodigal Son Matt. 25:35-40,45 :: When we are kind to the least of these, we are being kind to Jesus Mark 8:2-3 :: Jesus feeding the 5,000 and the 4,000   Matt 19:13-15 :: Jesus receiving and blessing the children

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