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The Perseverant Builder

This lesson is from: Noah Read Genesis 6:5-22. Questions for discussion What is the biggest project that you have built out of Lego®, wooden blocks or something else? How long did it take? How long do you think it took Noah to build an ark that was 450 feet long? (If you have time, visit a soccer or football field. Walk around the perimeter to give your children an idea just how big the ark was.) What would have happened if Noah had given up and left the ark half built? Has God ever given you a hard job? Key concepts God gave Noah a pretty big job; God asked him to build a huge boat. Even though he didn’t live near a lake or ocean, Noah persevered in finishing the job that God gave him. Someday, God might give one of us a hard job to do, too. God might ask you to be friends with a kid who everyone else is choosing to ignore. He might ask you to forgive a brother or sister who teases you every day. God was pleased with Noah’s perseverance, and God will also be pleased with you when you persevere in doing what is right.

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