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Run the Race with Perseverance

This lesson is  from: Run the Race with Perseverance Hebrews 12:1-11. Questions for discussion Have you ever run/biked/swum in a long race? If so, what was it like? How did you feel at the end? Were there spectators? What pushed you to finish, even though you were tired? In Hebrews 12:1-2, what is living the Christian life compared to? What would it be like to run a race wearing a heavy backpack? Or trying to race with your legs tangled in a rope? What could “hinder” us from honoring God with our lives? What do elite athletes do to help them perform their best? What does the Bible suggest that we focus on to help us with our goal of living the Christian life to honor God? Why might God allow difficult things to happen to us in our lives? What kind of discipline do you receive from your parents? When we are disciplined by God, what are we to do? What does God’s discipline produce in our lives? Key concepts Elite athletes are very disciplined in their training, enduring strenuous practice routines, because they are focused on the goal of succeeding in their chosen sport. The Bible compares living the Christian life to running a race. Just as running a race wearing a heavy backpack would slow a runner down, so sin gets in the way of our ability to live our lives in a way that honours God. Sin consumes our time and energy and takes our focus off God, slowing us down in our life race. The Bible tells us that God does allow life to get difficult at times so we can be made holy. Even though God’s discipline is painful, it produces righteousness and peace. Just as elite athletes push themselves to endure pain during a race by focusing on pre‑planned thoughts and goals, we are to rely on Jesus for encouragement and strength when we are running our life race.    

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