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I'm Telling the Truth: A First Look at Honesty (First Look at Books) ~ By Pat Thomas
  •  Children are shown that although being honest can be hard sometimes, it is worth it. Everyone likes people who speak the truth and keep their word. Kids learn that when we all practice being honest, the world becomes a fairer and happier place to live in. Titles in the popular "A First Look At" series for pre-school and early-grades kids explore emotional issues, encouraging children to discuss things that bother them with trusted adults. The series also helps them begin to develop basic social skills. Written by a psychotherapist and child counselor, these books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. They are written in easy-to-comprehend language, and have child-friendly illustrations on every page.
  The Berenstain Bears and the Truth ~ By Stan Berenstain and  Jan Berenstain
  • When Brother and Sister Bear accidentally break Mama's favorite lamp, their little lie grows bigger and bigger, until Papa Bear helps them find the words that set everything right again.
  Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie ~ By Laura Rankin
  • Ruthie loves little things--the smaller, the better. When she finds a teeny tiny toy on the school playground, she can hardly believe her luck. There's just one problem: it belongs to somebody else! Ruthie insists the toy is hers, but deep down, she knows better. How could one little toy turn into such a great big problem?
  What Do You Stand For? For Kids: A Guide to Building Character ~ By Barbara A. Lewis
  • Even elementary school children can build positive character traits like caring, citizenship, cooperation, courage, fairness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. The true stories, inspiring quotations, thought-provoking dilemmas, and activities in this book help kids grow into capable, moral teens and adults. Previously titled Being Your Best, this award-winning book has a fresh new cover and updated resources.
  Knowing and Doing What's Right: The Positive Values Assets (The Adding Assets Series for Kids) ~ By Pamela Espeland  amd Elizabeth Verdick
  • Kids learn how to build the six Positive Values assets: Caring, Equality and Social Justice, Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility, and Healthy Lifestyle. Stories, tips, and ideas help them to make good choices and build positive character traits.
  Little Abraham Learns a Lesson in Honesty: Honesty (American Virtues for Kids: Honesty) [Board Book] ~ By David Mead
  • Publication Date: January 2004 | Age Range: 4 and up | Series: American Virtues for Kids: Honesty. BOARD BOOK
  Honest Abe Lincoln: Easy-to-read Stories About Abraham ~ By David A. Adler
  • Born into humble beginnings, Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin and helped run the family farm. Later he became a store clerk, postmaster, and lawyer. People liked Abe's funny stories and kind words, and he quickly earned a reputation for his honesty, which he brought with him all the way to the White House. Newly independent readers will relish this straightforward story of the life of an American Hero.
  10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids: 52 Fun and Simple Games and Activities to Teach Your Child Honesty, Trust, Love, and Other Important Values ~ By Jamie C. Miller
  • 52 playful and easy to understand activities to help parents teach children moral lessons that they won't forget. A child says, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids is a book about seeing and doing--a book that gives parents the ability to teach the powerful principles of honesty, trust, generosity, love, and other values. Children will discover the objectives themselves as they actively participate in fun games and activities. The games can be done in any order, with very little planning and with very few supplies--just common objects most people have around the house like toothpicks, string, pennies, or an apple. Some can be done while riding in the car, and others can be expanded to fill a whole evening with family fun. The activities in 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids will not only create cozy and enjoyable moments of family togetherness, they will have a lasting impact on your growing child.
  Big Whopper (Zigzag Kids) ~ By Patricia Reilly Giff
  • The author of the beloved Kids of the Polk Street School series introduces a new generation of readers to a multicultural group of kids who enjoy all the activities of an after-school center. It’s Discovery Week at the Zigzag Afternoon Center! Everyone writes their discoveries on a big sheet of paper in the hallway. But Destiny Washington can’t think of anything new to discover. Before she knows it, Destiny has told a BIG whopper. And snooty Gina, who’s great at discovering things, knows all about it. Destiny has to find a way out of the whopper. In the end, she makes the best discovery of all. In this delightful new series, award-winning author Patricia Reilly Giff introduces readers to a quirky, lovable group of kids, capturing all the excitement and surprises of new friends and after-school fun.
Max and the Big Fat Lie: A Book About Telling the Truth (Building Christian Character) ~ By Michael P. Waite
  • Max feels bad after he lies to his mother in order to see a scary movie. Includes a related Bible verse.
  Treasury of Virtues: Courage, Love, Honesty ~ By Jennifer Boudart
  • Twenty well known childhood stories, each with a message about virtues. If you have small children and you want to impress upon them the importance of being virtuous, then this book is  recommend.
  Penny and Her Marble ~ By Kevin Henkes
  • When Penny spots a marble in Mrs. Goodwin's front yard, she picks it up, puts it in her pocket, and takes it home. It's a beautiful marble—it's big, shiny, blue, smooth, and fast, and Penny loves it. But does the marble really belong to Penny?
Whitney Solves a Dilemma with Solomon, and Learns the Importance of Honesty ~ By Therese Johnson Borchard
  • Whitney would do anything to get to soccer practice, even copy a friend's homework so she won't have to waste time on boring Math herself. But what was supposed to be a one-time solution becomes a habit. Copying homework leads to copying a quiz--and getting caught. The teacher's demand for a confession on who was cheating from whom puts the girls' friendship on the line. Whitney turns to Nana's Emerald Bible for help and gets sent back in time to King Solomon's court. The uncanny wisdom of the king and the "wisdom" of the strange foreign girl are tested when two women come to court, both claiming to be mother of the same child. Whitney offers a solution to the king, who in turn tells Whitney what she must do in her own situation to at last make things right with both her friend and her teacher.
  I Repeat, Don't Cheat! ~ By Margery Cuyler
  • Jessica and her best friend Lizzie do everything together. But when Lizzie starts copying words from Jessica’s spelling test, Jessica knows it isn’t right. Then Jessica tries to help Lizzie write a poem for their homework, but Lizzie takes credit for it in class! Jessica doesn’t want to lose her friend, but she can’t take it anymore. What should she do? With simple text and engaging illustrations, young readers will relate to Jessica’s latest worry—and they’ll have a great example to follow after they see how Jessica handles her problem.
  Jared and Joshua's Whopper ~ By Alan Portmann
  • Author Alan Portmann uses humor, imagination, and wit in Jared and Joshua's Whopper, telling the tale of two young brothers who exaggerate circumstances to a new level of storytelling to avoid the truth about why they were all wet to their momma. 32 pages, paperback.
  Honesty (Adventures in Odyssey Life Lessons) [Audiobook, CD] [Audio CD] This collection of previously released episodes is a great way to introduce new listeners to the characters and the early days of Adventures in Odyssey at the low price of only $5.99 each! Collect them all! Each volume features three exciting, action-packed stories. Bible stories, character-building adventures, and historical events are all fair game for object lessons in living.   30 Very Veggie Devos about Honesty (Big Idea Books / VeggieTales) [Paperback] ~ Big Idea (Creator)   This list was compiled by Sherry Andrew (the mother of Heather McMillan, creator of We Choose Virtues) If you know about more books and stories that would make a good addition to this list, please leave your ideas in the comments, we will check them out and add the to the list with our THANKS!

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