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Ode' to the Homeschool Blogger Nation

I care deeply about every one of the families, schools and churches who use our tools. I have learned so much from their stories…and been so inspired! But today...I especially want to thank the nation of Homeschool Bloggers. Just 18 months ago I didn't know you existed and now I’ve discovered that you are a people group with a powerful voice…and you let me stand on your platform and speak to those whose trust you have earned through your diligence, hard work, and passion for the truth. I once heard one of you say that you were taking back the internet for good, and I BELIEVE YOU! I have met a only few of you in person, but I have found many friends, just as loyal, kind and true as ones I go to coffee with. I feel rich. (Hot-white-mocha rich!)   It is unprecedented what you have done for this company, and I thank you. I thank God for you!

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