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Virtue is a Many-Splendored Thing!

Let’s shatter mundane expectations. Virtue is extraordinary and totally worth any effort you will ever put into teaching it!

When you have virtue, you are doing things that contradict conventional assumptions about what constitutes normal human behavior. In other words, you are quite heroic!

Virtue is thought of as an extraordinary response to a very ordinary situation.

Virtue is very unusual and deserves attention because of being wonderful and excellent.

Virtue is responding with an attitude or action that does not immediately benefit us.

Virtue is doing something because it is the right thing to do.

Virtue actually goes beyond DOING the right thing. It is the having the right attitude behind the right action.

Virtue is having the right attitude and the right action consistently, whether anyone else ever knows about it or not.

Virtue, once gained becomes a person’s public reputation. It becomes their good name. It is known as their character.

Nobody had to teach me to be lazy, whiny  or rude.  I've been an expert since I was born. But diligence, contentment, and kindness go against the natural way of doing things, and that’s what makes them Virtues!

Virtue does not come naturally. We are not born with it, but we are born able to develop it, and that is exciting!

After a certain point there is little one can do to change the body or mind one has been given, but not so with character! It is not limited in any way, ever. So never give up!


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