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Cooped Up

Have you ever told your kids they can have a pet when they are responsible enough to take care of it? My kids tell ME that now! Here is why... Before We Choose Virtues, I built a chicken coop from some plans I drew up in my head. The door is a window from my grandma's house with one pane of glass out of it! All went well until I had to be rescued by my dad, my father in law, and one neighbor who had to board my chickens in his dog kennel for a few nights while we re-framed the yard after a snow storm caved it in! But it turned out fabulously and I am very proud of it! These pictures are of my me with my preschool class on "Visit the Teacher's House" day.   273_16660269916_3947_n273_16660274916_5215_n273_16660289916_7757_n Epilogue: Theses precious children are in fourth grade now and doing quite nicely. My chickens themselves didn't fare as well because I quit going outside when I fell in love with VirtueVille and, overtime, my own kids got tired of taking care of MY pets …and so they are no more. (Not my kids, the hens.) Please, judge me gently. The end   

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