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What Makes Our Homeschool Supplies Different?

There are about a million options if you’re looking for homeschool supplies, but if you’re looking for ones that can give your children Virtues, you’re in the right spot. Yes, most of those homeschool supplies will teach your kids a number of important virtues, and yes, many of them are cute, fun, and your kids will love them. We certainly don’t want to discourage you from using them! After all, you’re the one who gets the wonderful job of raising them up right! What makes We Choose Virtues different is that our homeschool supplies are designed with a very specific purpose—to provide your kids with not just a momentary change of actions, but a more lasting change in their attitudes...

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Let Us Help You Figure Out How To Teach Kids Respect

If you’ve ever typed “how to teach kids respect” into your favorite search engine, you know that the results can be a bit of a mixed bag. Without a doubt, there are some great tips in there. But, unfortunately, more often than not, what you find is either bad advice or just plain impractical. Here’s why the products from We Choose Virtues are different: We use simple language that’s easy for your kids to understand. The more specifically it’s geared towards children, the easier it is to implement in your home. Our number one goal is to teach kids how to be more kind, more honest, and more patient. It’s been tested on a number of different children and the...

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